Does It Hit The Spot?

Below are some feedback and comments from schools, libraries and event organisers who have held virtual visits and author visits with me:

'Chris as always was, was absolutely fantastic. I loved the way he interacted with each class and made it so he was fully engaging with all the children in the same way as if he was in the room. I thoroughly enjoyed the interactive assembly and would highly recommend to any school. Lively, educational and inspirational.'

Ms Doran, Liverpool College, UK

‘That was fantastic! They enjoyed seeing the sword and now want to read all of your books – so we have done both our jobs – to get kids interested in reading!”

Chris Wolfe, Griffin School, Olympia, WA

The students were all talking about how cool it was. They raced upstairs to get a copy of your next book and argued about who could read it. This was an excellent way of connecting with boys' and books... an often challenging endeavor.

Devin Burritt, Jackson Memorial Library, St. George, Maine


One of the best things about the virtual visit is that you are incredibly easy to talk to. The fact that you were in England and we were in the US in no way hindered the connection we felt with you.’

Bonnie Pierson, Warren Middle School, NJ

Mission 4

‘Your enthusiasm and knowledge were very impressive; the kids really responded.  It was especially interesting getting to see the tools of the trade... I know the kids got such a kick out of meeting you.’ 

S. Dove, Carmel Hill, New York

‘The audience was thoroughly enthralled. Although I have always loved martial arts - and studied karate when I was younger - I had never before been interested in reading martial arts stories. But your presentation brought it alive! And, now the class can't wait to get your book.’ 

C. Forest, Kennedy Middle School, Massachusetts

‘You are inspiring as a role model for discipline, character and intellect. I cannot express how much we appreciate the opportunity for our students to broaden their cultural knowledge and to discover books that make them want to read. I think we would all agree that if they find that one book that they can't put down, they will be motivated to look for another and another. I think your book will be that one book for many of our students.

E.Schuster, Suffern Middle School, NY

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